Congratulations Waterford, you nearly made it through Dry January…or did you? These “non-alcoholic” beers from Guinness were spotted in Tesco’s Waterford today. Notice something unusual?

Guinness “non-alcoholic” beer sold in Tesco Waterford – Beware.

Yes, Guinness have a “non-alcoholic” beer that contains Alcohol.
Sure, its just 0.5% alcohol, that OK isn’t it?
Not really. We feel it’s misleading advertising and for those of us who choose temperance or down want aANY alcohol levels to show up at a Garda roadside breathyliser test, had an addiction to alcohol or just want to detox after Christmas, this 0.5% makes a big difference.
Feel free to contact Guinness, The \advertising Authority of Ireland or Tesco with your views.