Hungarian Minister of State visits Waterford! KATALIN NOVÁK, Minister for Family and Youth Affairs presents Hungary’s Family policies to group of Pro-Family advocates from around Ireland.

Ms Novák’s trip to Waterford was organised by the Diocese of Waterford.
The audience heard how Hungary, through it’s Pro-Family policy is improving it’s native birthrate above replacement levels. Katalin Novák encouraged all participants to campaign for better pro-family policies “for the sake of our own people”.

Housing subsidies, interest free loans for parents and students, mortgage subsidies and grandparent allowances for minding children were all discussed in detail.

Ms Novák also shared the podium with John Waters, David Quinn, Mary Fitzgibbon and Kathy Sinnott.

KATALIN NOVÁK has been serving as Minister of State for Family and Youth Affairs at the Ministry of Human Capacities of Hungary since 2014. Pictured in Waterford.

Bishop of Waterford and Lismore welcomed Minister Novák to Waterford.

Your excellency , – thank you for coming here.

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule as minister to accept the invitation to come to Ireland and give us the benefit of your considerable experience and inform us about the policies being taken by your Government in Hungary.

The Guardian UK of this month

China’s birthrate has fallen to the lowest level since the Communist country was founded in 1949, in a sign that efforts to head off a demographic crisis have so far failed.

“One can no longer point now to the Chinese government’s restrictive birth control policy as the culprit,” said a sociology professor at the University of California, Irvine. “Such a low birthrate shows abundantly clear that it is driven by the strong structural forces, both economic and social, and it will remain so for the foreseeable future.”

In 2015 China reversed its one-child policy to allow all couples to have two children and policymakers have since hinted that restrictions could be dropped altogether.

But many families have still chosen not to have more children, citing the high costs of school, housing and medical care. Others said the energy required to ensure their children can compete in modern Chinese society was too exhausting. Divorce rates have increased and more women were marrying later or not at all.

Experts said it was difficult to change habits in a society built around single-child families and that birthrates were likely to continue to fall.

 In Amoris Laetitia 42. We read:

 “the decline in population, due to a mentality against having children and promoted by the world politics of reproductive health, creates not only a situation in which the relationship between generations is no longer ensured but also the danger that, over time, this decline will lead to economic impoverishment and a loss of hope in the future. The development of bio-technology has also had a major impact on the birth rate”.

Added to this are other factors such as “industrialization, the sexual revolution, the fear of overpopulation and economic problems… Consumerism may also deter people from having children, simply so they can maintain a certain freedom and life-style”.

I cite China as an extreme case and as background to what you and your colleagues are achieving in your native land. Europe is going down the same route as China as regards population decline.

I was intrigued when I read that you call yourself a pro-family politician. What a breath of fresh air. Surely every politician should be pro-family. Sadly many if not most are in the end pro-individual.

This is the way of modern thinking and so much of modern economics it seems to me

we see the promotion of the rights of the individual over family.

In Hungary in contrast you are promoting the priority and importance of families. 

Not family as against individual but knowing that the individual flourishes only within a family.

How wonderful to hear that you are building a family-friendly country since 2010, of course not without opposition.

Last year your country achieved its highest birthrate for 20 years, and the highest number of marriage, you are supporting a very complex, comprehensive support system of legislation for families, with financial incentives, helping those who are already raising children as much as possible. You have a comprehensive family-friendly tax system, a housing program, 800,000 new jobs, and you are creating opportunities to create a balance between life and work.

you believe that the demographic crisis can only be solved in the long run by relying on your own internal resources. Knowing the central importance of family for the well-0being of society you want to strengthen families, and support women and young people. We want to provide security for your children, and to protect your Christian culture.

 and thankfully you are open to sharing your experiences and best practices worldwide.

Traditional strong families is an asset  — not only in Hungary, but in every country.   while Europe is, as you say, slowly committing suicide. as in China, Western political elites trying to solve the population decline by the simplest path: mass immigration.

But there is one major difference between Europe and China Europe’s Christian roots.  From the beginning our faith has espoused the family built on marriage between a man and a woman, monogamous marriage and life-long and welcoming children into the world.

Just a few weeks ago we celebrated the birth of the Saviour who came into our world as a member of a family.

If we renounce our Christian culture and stop promoting the importance of the family and children we will increase not lessen our social problems.

In contrast your excellency you are giving Europe hope. 

Pope Francis speaking in Loreto, Italy, Mar 25, 2019 , emphasized the importance of family and marriage for society. 

“It is necessary he said to rediscover the plan drawn by God for the family, to reaffirm its greatness and irreplaceability in the service of life and society,” and he continued “in the delicate situation of today’s world, the family founded on marriage between a man and a woman takes on an importance and an essential mission.”

Minister we look forward to this morning’s discussions and wish to hear more about your precious and courageous work.

More info on Hungary strategy here.